The Promise Of Comfort

If it were up to us, the verse would say: "Those who have it all together are blessed." After all, God helps those who help themselves, right?!? Everyone has fallen short, but most of us act like nothing's wrong.

Years ago, a woman told me that she would not be joining our church, because we had too many perfect people. I told her how I wished I could stop time on a Sunday morning and bring her up to the platform so that I could point out the imperfections. Over there is a family that's being held together by a thread. Up here is a family that won't speak to that family back there because of something that happened years ago. That man's wife cheated on him. That child hates her father. Those two children have never seen their father. And I could have gone on and on. In other words, we didn't have a perfect person in the bunch!

Jesus said, "Those who mourn are blessed, for they will be comforted." We become mournful when we recognize our spiritual bankruptcy. In other words, when our pride is stripped away, and we stand (or kneel) before God with absolutely nothing to offer but ourselves, then we find approval (blessed) and are comforted. Wow! His comfort meets our spiritual sorrow.

Leon Morris wrote: "Now they mourn; but now is not always. God's ultimate triumph, and with it the comforting of those who have grieved over evil, is sure."

John, the Revelator, wrote: "For the Lamb who is at the center of the throne will shepherd them; He will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

If God helps those who help themselves—if God blesses the perfect—then I am perfectly toast. Thankfully, it's not up to us!